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Get to Know Me 


Lauren Lentz Medium

Lauren Coblentz is Huntsville's most highly sought-after Psychic Medium online. She is a Certified Psychic Medium by the Psychic Circle International Association. 

Lauren grew up in a small southern town where for years she suppressed her desire to know more about Spirit.

Her professional career begin with entering the healthcare field. Helping families of Seniors with end of life care.


Connecting with Spirit

Longing to achieve more, she started on TikTok in March of 2021 offering live readings to people after uncovering a dormant gift of mediumship he suppressed since birth.


Producing short videos that encapsulated messages of hope, Lauren uploaded messages from Spirit delivered through her dreams.


These clips, along with Lauren's gift, gained popularity and attention from all over.


A few years on, with a thousands of followers under her belt, Lauren is now offering a wide variety of services to see her.


Her approach to psychic mediumship is centered on creating a safe and comfortable space for you to connect with the spirit world.


Through my sessions, I aim to provide clarity, healing, and guidance for your spiritual journey.

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